Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The multi - faceted spiritual and cultural practices have been the framework for Bosni and Herzegovina developing into one of the most naturally diversified countries in Europe. Throughout the generations of Illyrians, Byzantine, Western European, Romanesque, and Ottoman influences the Slavic tribes of Bosnia and Herzegovina have harvested a respounding pride in the many ethnic backgrounds that dominate present - day Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are many antrophological and historical reasons for this: a common language, common origin, similar folklore and centuries of harmonius community life. Daily life always brought the varius people of Bosnia and Herzegovina together regardless of ideological differences. This unusual ethno-political picture has een trying time and has often experienced the wraths of invading forces from beyond her borders but the wounds always heal, the country always rebuilds itself and is long standing tradition of multi-culturalism thrives even through the toughest of times. Bosnia and Herzegovina has emerged from the ashes of war to maintain its harmonius co-existence with all three peoples, all equal heirs to the beautiful county that is Bosnia and Herzegovina. Preserving the valued old traditions of the past and welcoming the new ways of the modern world is what we re all about.

This blend of cultures is preciously mixed in a mountain land of the southern Alps with Olympic Skiing, deep emerald river canyons, snow-covered Dinaric peaks, rolling green continental landscape, and the sunny Adriatic coast. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a natural wonderland packed with a wide array of landscapes. We invite you to sink into her mystical past and enjoy the beauties of her magical present !


In a land where nature reings supreme...extreme is a not the exception but the rule. Paraglide off Visocica Peak over Rakitnica Canyon...kayak down the raging Thara, Una and Neretva...or montain bike acros the highland plateau Prenj - the Herzegovina Himalayas! Few have been here... fewer have conquered the extreme wilderness that governs all... we re looking for a few good men and women who are up for an extreme challenge...think you can hack it? Only hard-cores need apply.



Bosnia and Herzegovina is representative of the many countries posed with the challenge of eco-friendly development  in times of transition. Rich in natural resurces and beauty, Bosnia nad Herzegovina must find responsible means of promoting and protecting its vast natural wealth. This is a magical land with amazingly diverse eco and bio system. The key to eco-tourism is providing you, our guests, with an unforgettable experiance in our pristine wildernes while maintaining the precious natural balance of which people are an integral part. Through eco-tourism Bosnia and Herzegovina can effectively protect its enviroment, develop sustainable economies for our people and preserve the precious balance between humans and nature.

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