You won t find this in other part of the world...
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Stechci are ancient tombstones that line our countryside. Thay share many similarities with the ancient celtic tombstones dotting Ireland. The ancient peoples of this land left their beautiful marks tucked on ridges and mountain sides wherever they settled. These types of medieval graveyards are specific to this region and mark the heretic "Bosnian Church" practices of early christianity here. Engraved are ancient symbols - all connected to earth, family, sun, moon, tribal warriors, dance and praise to the gods. Many of the stechci date back over 700 years and preserve a precious part of bosnia and Herzegovina s ancient past. You won t find these in other parts of the world ... these tiny remnants of our history are  a anational symbol and an expression of the culture and art that has survived and thrived over the centuries. 


The Municipality of Ravno covers the extremely fertile Popovo Polje with the river Trebisnjica running through it in length of 96 km, which is said to be the longest subterranean river in the world.

A unique cave in Zavala is a very famous tourist attraction and the tour of the Cave poses a unique experience in excursion arrangements


In the south of Herzegovina not far from ancient Roman settlement near Capljina, is Hutovo Blato, the famous reserve of migratory birds.

This nature park has bin a shelter for hundreds of species of bierds and game. Its waters are rich in eel, carp and other fresh water fish.

The park is ideal for fishing, birdwatching and photo safaris. Thepark also offers regular boat rides with professional guides. Hutovo Blato is a gretat family place to visit and spend the day or a few. We are centrally located betwen the sea and the historic town of Mostar. Bring your binocoulars and your won t want to forget this experience!